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Best results with PepFX

How to get the most out of your project with us

Show us what you like

We like to get to know our clients. Everyone's taste is different and especially since we consider ourselves very adaptable in style and methods, it is very important to know our client's preferences.
If you are interested in a website design, show us websites you were impressed with, websites you hated, websites that might partially accomplish what you are after, but possibly have too many undesirable factors, etc. The more the better, of course without losing focus of the main objective.
We are very creative and original, so we will not copy anyone else's work. We simply want to know what You, the client, consider attractive in order to deliver the best possible results.

Prepare the material

While it is possible, and not a problem to add items to a project outline, even during its creation, it is best to have the complete information at the beginning of a project. The most common material for website design is text, sometimes images, if a client wishes to have particular images on their website.
Please note that in case a particular page is finished, and the client wishes to change the text he/she provided us with, we do reserve the right to charge for additionaly, as it is considered page editing, and not anymore page creation. If such requests are not exaggerated, we will generally not even bring up the matter of extra costs. Either way, the client is always informed in advance or offered options about various issues.
We strive to keep a mutual positive feeling during the entire process as well as upon project completion.


We understand that in some cultures negotiations are considered almost obligatory, and we do try to comply. However, we wish to also explain our standpoint and way of doing things. There are several points worth mentioning.
We strongly believe that our prices are fair. We are aware that there are many companies out there which offer cheaper services, but cost is not the only relevant issue, and in that sense our prices are more than competitive. Aside from that, we like awarding our clients from time to time or surprising them with unexpected extras. Call us romantic, but isn't that not only the sweetest but also the most elegant way to show that we care?
This is not something we do with every client nor on every project, but whenever we feel inspired in some way (and in this particular case, that has nothing to do with creative inspiration). It is simply our special way to say "Thank you".
With return customers it's a different story. After we have worked with someone for a while, and therefore know them much better, we award the "easier-going" clients with custom-tailored pricing.
At any rate, the prices on our website, and/or the prices we give you at the beginning of a project is the maximum of what you will pay, as long as You don't wish to modify the project outline.

Payment and policies

Our payment terms are simple. We require a deposit of 50% to start working. That is what is considered the official project confirmation and acceptance of our general terms by the client, and therefore necessary. The rest is either paid upon completion, or with large projects, in milestones. All files are delivered to the client as soon as the final payment has been made.
Our payment policy is in no way personal and doesn't reflect our opinions about any of our clients.
PS: With certain clients which have been with us for years we don't insist on getting a deposit prior to start. We trust that it makes sense to the general population that such exceptions can only be made for older customers.