100% customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal

We are proud to have clients from all over the world. Most of them have contacted us through our website, and almost anyone who has ever worked with us became a return customer.

Below are the client testimonials we have received so far. Some of the client's links open in new windows, and others in pop-up windows. Please make sure you set your browser to allow this. You can use the previous/next buttons to browse through the testimonials.

Nick Catel
Testimonial for logo design, website design & development
Website: www.ChileSurfAdventures.com

.....When we decided that our website is going to be the face of our company, and essentially our calling card to potential clients, we researched many, many, web designers before discovering the unique artistry of PepFX. The quality of work and attention to detail both Sabina and Ryan displayed throughout the entire design process, was extremely impressive. Their ability to create a professional and uniquely beautiful website from a bunch of text and photos we gave them was especially impressive. We feel extremely fortunate to have found PepFX, and confident that our website will give us a distinct advantage over our competitors. We look forward to maintaining a positive and productive relationship in the future with PepFX as our company grows and evolves.
Needless to say, I highly recommend PepFX.
Thank you Sabina and Ryan.
Nick Catel
Kristina Lindner
Testimonial for logo design, Flash header & shop customization
Website: www.IlCestoDellaLana.it

When I decided to open an onlineshop for high quality yarn/wool for handknitting and felting I looked around here in Italy to find a webdesigner who was able to create a very pleasant joyous and friendly header for an e-commerce software I already bought. The webdesigners didn't want to study the software of somebody else ..and their portfolio didn't convince me, and they were extremely expensive Then I searched in Google with the keywords (in German) "psychology of colours" and found PEPFX!!!!
I had a look at their website and their portfolio and was simply enthusiastic. I felt that they were the right partners! I contacted Sabina per e-mail and she answered immediately! I explained what my idea was and she understood everything! It's as if she could read your thoughts, except she thinks some steps ahead of You. When I realized that she is a real and very talented unique artist I renounced my personal ideas about the shop and asked her to do like she liked it. And the result made me speechless! Everything was perfect! A mixture of a relaxing landscape, the photo of my youngest child, the interesting and particular logo..the fresh colours, the harmony of everything.
Often when I'm working at the computer I switch to the website www.IlCestoDellaLana.it simply because looking at the header makes me feel good, it warms my heart, it relaxes me and puts me in a good mood. Now I have to complete the shop...load photos, text etc...and than I'm sure the customers will like the header too...it couldn't be better and more encouraging for buying than like this. Already all my friends who had a look at the website are enthusiastic.

I can recommend pepfx to every nice person/company (nice , because I wish Sabina only nice customers) who wants something really very special and unique, a website which gives exactly the message of your person and of your business. A website which touches exactly the part in the soul of the people You want to reach.

Pepfx is the best and most creative solution because:
1. high talented designer Sabina Nore (she is more than a designer, she is an artist and marketing psychologist!!!!!!!) Incredible ideas!
2. very, very, very fair prices!
3. very fast and concrete service and delivery times, immediate answers ( when Sabina is working on a project she is working intensively all around the clock, with incredible results , You just finish thinking of and imagining something and she has already done it). Very patient, very kind. She is a multitalent artist, a kind of female Leonardo da Vinci.

I'm very grateful and happy about the wonderful design and surely if I would need again a designer I will always contact her. Like for example, in autumn when I will need a flyer for my shop.
Kristina Lindner
Denise Sadjian Curcio
Testimonial for logo design and Flash website design
Website: www.JourneyswithPurpose.com

I researched and searched for some time looking for a highly creative and innovative web design company. I found PepFX and received everything I was looking for and much, much more!

Along the way, I uncovered one of the most customer service-oriented companies that I′ve ever come across! They are willing to listen to your ideas, yet always have their own exceptional suggestions that will add so much more to your project...ideas you could never even imagine! They seem to work around the clock! New ideas and revisions were always completed just hours after we discussed them.

Sabina is a gem to work with and extremely patient! She was always willing to go the extra mile for me even when aspects of the project most likely went beyond the scope of the original price quote.

You will not find a better web design and development company. Their expertise, integrity and commitment to the customer are incomparable to other companies. Rest assured, you can trust your company's image with PepFX. I will certainly utilize their services again and have already referred others.
Denise Sadjian Curcio
Kristin and Dana Browne
Testimonial for website design & development
Website: www.Thera-Vet.com

Kris and I are so thankful to have found Sabina and PepFX the first time out when we needed our website designed. We were a bit leary at first working with a web based "remote" designer, but from the first phone call and rough draft to the last final details, Sabina and the PepFX staff took great care of us. We were incredulous at how well Sabina must have been able to "read us" as to what we were looking for. The very first draft was right on the mark and exactly what we had envisioned. After numerous refinements we received the "perfect" website. We are very proud to have people check it out.

It's only been a few weeks since completion and we have had numerous compliments. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Sabina and PepFX in the future. If you are looking at PepFX for web design, we would highly recommend you give them a try. You'll receive VERY prompt service (when do they sleep?) and a great bargain.
Kristin and Dana
Noel Poynton
Testimonial for Flash website design & development
Website: www.AmyPoynton.com

We count ourselves most fortunate to have worked with Sabina and Ryan at PepFx. We are forever in debt to them for creating the most perfect website for our daughter. The staff at PepFx were remarkably committed and enthusiastic. Wherever you are in the world, you will feel as though you are conversing with an old friend. We certainly enjoyed working with them and would highly recommend PepFx to anyone looking for excellent service and attention to detail. We were very particular about what we wanted. Sabina was always open to our suggestions and involved us in all aspects of the website development. The response time from this team is exceptional. PepFx are committed to giving you the kind of service and attention that you need and expect.

Look no further for a website design company. PepFx is the complete package.
Noel & Delys Poynton
Brittany Stephen
Testimonial for website design & logo design
Website: Tropical Trails website

If you are looking for professional, friendly, thorough, timely, cost effective, and EXCELLENT site design, PepFx is the one for you.

I spent MONTHS with numerous web-designers who would consistently blow me off or simply disappear from the net with my website with it!! By the time I inquired with PepFx I was more or less fed up, and INCREDIBLY hesitant to try out another web-based designer. After many emails with my web-weary questions, and very patient and thorough responses from Sabina, my contact individual (who is wonderful, by the way), I decided to go ahead and take the leap of faith.
Let me tell you, I am SOOOOOOOO glad I did.

The design process was easy and painless - and the sample sites that were created for me (almost instantaneously) were absolutely beautiful! From that point on, I knew I had made the right choice and all uncertainty was dispersed. The team of designers worked with me directly to give me exactly what I wanted - and there was NOTHING that they couldn't do for me.

The final product is WONDERFUL and I am so proud of the work that PepFx did for us - our page views since the site went "live" have gone up from 0.22 to 4, from 957 visits to 3,289!!! That was re-assurance enough for me. I would eagerly suggest PepFx to any individual or business who is seeking out a web-design company and wants personalized service and an excellent final product. If you want my opinion, they are satisfaction guaranteed!
PepFx is THE BEST!!

Feel free to contact me with queries at
Brittany Stephen
Tropical Trails
Abdullah Jefri
Testimonial for website design
Website: Jefri website

At this point you must have seen PepFX's portfolio and admired the amazing quality and the creative designs. But now you are here, and I bet that I know the one question on your mind. You must be wondering whether PepFX will meet your own expectations or not.

I had some of my expectations met before, and that has always been pleasant. But to have all of my expectations exceeded by a long way is a once in a lifetime experience, and I had mine with PepFX.

PepFX understood exactly what I wanted even as I myself was not sure of what it was. Ideas and draft designs were so good that I wanted all of them, and then the final site incorporated all the things that I liked in the drafts. Only as I was making the final payment did I realize that this whole experience took place in two short weeks only.

What was most astonishing, however, was how far my money went with PepFX. They didn't seem expensive in the beginning, and in the end I realized that I was getting away with stealing!

I wholeheartedly recommend that you contact PepFX. You will see what I'm talking about in their first response.
Abdullah Jefri
James Theoharris
Testimonial for website design & Shockwave 3d animation
Website: www.Rapid-Cast.com

After reading a few of the testimonials I thought I might add a few words of my own.

Knowing the importance of a professional website, one done right would be very critical. Although I hadn't completely concluded how I was going to go about it, I decided to contact Pepfx after browsing the Internet.

Once Sabina gave me a quote I was surprised to find the pricing much better than the companies I had contacted in California USA. (The nice thing about electronic commerce is proximity is no longer an issue in many instances, web design being one).

My profession is an unusual one and putting it into words was harder than I thought. It took me forever evaluating and reevaluating my content and it's layout, but Sabina's patience allowed me to get it just right. I now have a site I am very excited about and I think will serve my market well.
Thanks again Sabina and Pepfx crew,
James Theoharris
Ryan Neely
Testimonial for Flash intro, logo design, flyer design & 3D graphics
Projects: Flash intro, Logo Design, Flyer Design

If you want the best,
go to Pep Fx,
go to Pep Fx,
something that will make an impression,
go to Pep Fx.
Make the right decision and
be satisfied the first time,
by Pep Fx the #1 design company online!

I am thankful for everything that PepFx has done for me as an artist and a person. I look forward to doing MULTIPLE projects with them in the future, and promoting their business to others who want it done right!
Ryan Neely
Rob Bartlett
Testimonial for Flash header, animation & Logo Design
Projects: Flash header, Web logo

PepFX did a fantastic job of helping us create a fresh/cool new design for our site(s). Their work was prompt, professional and creative. I feel that the redesign has already helped to generate more interest in our site, creating more sales.
Thanks PepFX!
Rob Bartlett
Robin Bridges
Testimonial for website design, logo design & stationary design

My name is Robin Bridges. I live in Duval County, Florida. I have engaged the services of Sabina Nore and Pepfx on several occasions. I am an accountant who is used to paying attention to the smallest detail. I am also a demanding consumer who has purchased web designs from half a dozen different web designers over the years.
The following is a testimonial freely given with respect to Sabina Nore and Pepfx:

There are good web designers. There are great web designers.
And then there's Sabina - on a level far above all.
If you require excellence delivered consistently, if you insist your project must be completed on time and if you seek out the most reasonable price, then you need only to engage Pepfx to have all those requirements met simultaneously.

I would be happy to write about Sabina and Pepfx at anytime.
Robin Bridges
Testimonial for Flash presentation
Project: Flash presentation

Pepfx was EXTREMELY professional in working on our project. They were also very creative because we had an idea of what we wanted, but we didn''t know how it should look. Their creative team were able to translate our ideas into actual images that our prospects will be able to understand.
They far exceeded our expections for our flash animation. In fact they were so good, we are having them do our complete website. I would definitely recommend anyone to use their services. If you are looking for creativity and GREAT customer service, Pepfx will fit those descriptions completely.
Calvin Nguyen, Power Wave Marketing
Michael J.P.
Michael J.P.
Testimonial for website design, e-commerce application & logo design
Websites: www.TimeGeezer.com

Do you want the best designers around for your website? Here at Timegeezer we searched weeks on end through the thousand s of web designers. First people we hired turned out to be a nightmare and worst designers you could get. Then we searched again and finally hired PEPFX to do our watch website. Oh joy, just look at the quality of the PEPFX portfolio design not just timegeezer.com.

The PEPFX liaison throughout the design of timegeezer.com via emails was very enjoyable and we had extremely fast replies. We feel like PEPFX are family now not just a design team.To sum up you want the best and innovative web designers then spend your money on PEPFX.
Michael J. P., Timegeezer.com
Testimonial for Flash intro, website design & e-commerce application
Website: www.MagickalNeeds.com

Our experience with Pepfx was extremely good. They showed professionalism, great customer service and patience from day one. Something that seems to have been lost in our fast paced world. The design that they came up with for our site, was unique and creative, just like I had asked for. Pricing was extremely good. I would not hesitate to use their services again, or to recommended them.
Angie R., Magickal Needs
Kevin Kramer
Testimonial for Flash intro, Flash website design & logo design
Website: www.AdvantagePhoto.com

Incredible,amazing,remarkable,are just a few of many words that come to mind when I look at the FLASH site you created for me.I feel lucky to have found your company after searching the W.W.W. for days in search of a GREAT WEB DESIGNER. I have heard nothing but praise from many whom have already seen your work. I'm glad to have done business with you and your company,you have truly showcased my work to look so much better with your talent and in site.
Kevin Kramer, Advantagephoto
Neesa Hart
Testimonial for character design, Flash intro, website design, custom application development & e-commerce application
Websites: www.IfoundaFrog.com & www.FrickandFrackMusic.com
Other projects: Character design, Flash intro

From start to finish, PepFX delivered. I′ve worked with other web developers with mixed results, but couldn′t have been more pleased with the service, creativity and professionalism at PepFX. I′m pretty sure they work 24 hours a day. The entire IFOUNDAFROG.COM project was developed on budget and on time. The design staff is both creative and accommodating, not to mention worth every penny. PepFX put the fun back into our project.

Their service and their product so exceeded our expectations, we contracted them for another project before IFOUNDAFROG.COM was even launched. You can also see their work at our other site, FRICKANDFRACKMUSIC.COM. Thanks PepFX for a great web experience!
Neesa Hart - Best selling fiction author, one half of the Frick and Frack award-winning songwriting duo, and mad creator of IFOUNDAFROG.com
Testimonial for Flash presentation, website design, game development, poster design, & e-commerce application
Projects: Poster, Product Catalog, Stationary Design, Custom game

We at Candles of Eden wanted to find a company to create a custom action game for our website and we found Pepfx on the search engine. Immediately they stood apart from all the other companies we had seen. Their portfolio was so awesome that we thought for sure they were going to be extremely expensive, but to our surprise we were easily able to fit this high quality work into our budget. We at Candles of Eden are accustomed to creating high quality products for our customers so we are very picky when it comes to what we display. If it′s going to have our name on it, then it has to be perfect and Pepfx was the perfect choice.
They were so perfect in fact that we contracted several more projects with them. In addition to the custom game we had them rebuild our website, create a flash presentation, as well as build us a customized shopping cart. We are especially pleased with their creativity, their skill, their speed, and most of all their patience. They were extremely patient with us while we were trying to figure out what it was we really wanted and when they delivered the final product it was beyond our expectations.
Thank you Pepfx. You have EARNED a long time customer. As we stated before, we don′t put our seal of approval on anything unless it is perfect and we feel confident in recommending Pepfx 200%.
The Satisfied Staff of Candles of Eden, Inc.
Henry Queiro
Testimonial for Flash presentations
Project: Flash presentation

My experience with PepFX has been phenomenal!! Within a few short weeks, Sabina and her team produced a high quality flash presentation which has already made a 10 fold return on my investment. This demo has helped me secure funding from investors and clearly provide a positive first impression to our prospective clients. Needless to say, when something works - you keep doing it. So, PepFX has already completed a second project and we plan to use them exclusively for all our flash presentations and graphic design.

I highly recommend them, but not to my competitors.
Henry Queiro, CEO - Diverse Community
Barbara and Jim Sullivan
Barbara and Jim Sullivan
Testimonial for logo design, stationary design, poster design
Projects: MoldTracers poster, MoldTracers Logo design

Regarding our experiences with PepFx, in the fall of 2003 - My husband and I were in the process of setting up a new company in the fall of 2003, and searching for a logo design firm. The first firm that we chose began the work, but were quite slow to respond when we needed changes or had questions, and never completed the assignment. This sent us out into ′cyberspace′, looking for a new company who could be of assistance.

While surfing the internet, we came across PepFx. We were intrigued, and contacted them. They worked with us in creating very unique designs, one of which has become our company logo. Sabina, the representative with whom we worked, was courteous, knowledgeable, and above all, very patient, as we worked through numerous changes and requests.
We have been extremely pleased with the design and the outstanding professionalism of the firm. We heartily endorse PepFx, and wish them continued success in their design business.
Barbara and Jim Sullivan, Oshkosh, WI, USA
Emil Jonsson
Testimonial for Flash game & custom application development

Bauna Minni Ltd, decided to hire someone to create a custom flash game for us. I just went to Google.com and wrote in, I think, ′flash game development′ and saw the GamezArena.com at the top of the search results.

Next i located their web site and saw a couple of good games there and decided to mail them about some custom work for us, and i got a reply back from a person named Sabina, and I must say what a wonderful person and easy to work with. Working with PepFX is like drinking water, it′s that easy! They understand all of our custom work, I don′t think anyone else could do all this so well. So in short: Excellent development speed and support, they have the skills needed for anything you might think of in the Web development and Flash work.
Emil Jonsson, Bauna Minni Ltd
Testimonial for website design, custom graphics for mobile phone games & logo design
Website: Extisan Games
Projects: Logo design, Character design 1, 2, 3

The reason we at Extisan like working with Pepfx is that we find that they contribute more than just finished artwork. We often look to pepfx to provide original ideas for our working concepts. We then work through these together to ensure that what is delivered always matches what we need. Pepfx have never let us down on time, cost or quality and for these reasons we use them repeatedly.
Michael Oxley, Extisan
Jay Simmons
Testimonial for Website templates
Template for MS-MGMA

You won′t find a more professional organization! The responded very quickly! The pricing was great and the work was incredible! You can′t go wrong with this group and Sabina was a great project manager!!! I will use them again!
Jay Simmons, Mid-South Medical Group Management Association
Gene Chandler
Testimonial for Flash intro, website design, website templates, logo design, banner design, poster design
Website: www.SpoonFeeder.com
Other projects: Logo design, Exhibit booth poster, Flash intro

After an extensive selection process comparing numerous web and graphic design firms, our company ultimately selected PepFX. It turned out to be the right choice; their team of professionals has since gone on to earn our continued business.

After initially seeing the excellent work PepFX did for us, we returned to them for a complete website design, website maintenance and ongoing changes, website flash intro animation, custom navigation controls, online store selling templates, logo design, icons, banners, a CD-ROM software label, and more.
All of these projects have been handled by PepFX with a high level of professionalism and dedication, and delivered very rapidly exceeding our expectations.
What makes this even more amazing is that we get better service and results from PepFX, a company on the other side of the globe, than we could ever expect from a local company. We find their unique design style captivating, and their graphic skill is second to none. I recommend them highly for your next project.
Gene Chandler, SpoonFeeder.com
Brad Wendkos
Testimonial for Flash banners, custom Flash application development
Flash: Player samples, Animations

PepFX rocks! Their creative and technical expertise speaks for itself - top notch! But it′s their service, communication and ability to bring the project′s vision to life that puts them at the top of the game. We′re thousands of miles and several time zones apart but they never missed a beat and never failed to keep me completely up to date on the project and met, or beat, every deadline in our timeline.

These folks are world class and have won me over as a client for life!
Brad Wendkos, TrueFire.com
Hellen Davis
Testimonial for website design, custom application development, logo design & book cover design
Project: Logo design

My experience with your company has been nothing short of phenomenal! I have never worked with a web designer who was so efficient and in tune with a customer's needs and requests. I would email a question to you and have an answer no less than a minute later! I was also very impressed at the speed with which you helped me to turn my website from a flat page full of words, into a dynamic, eye-catching and informative homepage.

Many thanks to you! I wish you the best of luck and am hopeful that your other clients have just as positive experience as I did.
Hellen Davis, Indaba Training Specialists
Chad Peterson
Testimonial for website design, custom application development, Flash intro, e-commerce application, forums
Websites: Folsom Technology Group & Nfinite Edge
Flash intro: Nfinite Edge Paintball

We are so pleased with the work that PepFX has done for us! They are extremely professional and creative. I worked with Sabina and Ryan on 3 distinct websites. Each site was from a completely different industry and they were able to understand the unique needs of each and to add a lot of value by developing our ideas and making excellent recommendations.

No matter what your business may be, PepFX will exceed your expectations. I look forward to working with them in the future and will recommend them to everyone.
Chad Peterson, Folsom Technology Group
Testimonial for website design
Website: Media Sportif

We chose PEPFX for our website after seeing their previous work displayed on their website. we found them, (PEPFX) to be outstanding in quality and service, far above what we expected even though we had many last-minute changes, and still continue to have. The fact that they are some 1500 km away from our offices made absolute no difference from choosing a local one. PEPFX is a company who has understood and lives by the meaning of ′being global′ and yet has the service,understanding and dedication of being ′local′. We will no doubt use their services again in the future. In fact, we already have and will continue to do so.
Martin Duvander, Managing Partner, Media Sportif
Testimonial for website design, logo design

As we require a non-traditional website design, we have contacted 40+ design firms worldwide before we chose PepFx. Although most firms have the skills to do the job, few have the imagination to create unique design. Technical knowledge is important, but creativity is what we are really looking for. It turns out that we have made the correct decision. PepFx carefully analyze our entire project and deliver products with high quality. Beyond that, they work very professionally and respond to comments well. At times, they show us a few alternatives for us to choose from. Overall, it is a good experience to work with PepFx. I am looking forward to continuing our relation for the future development.
Haksun Li, CafeLingoes
Barbara Gathany
Testimonial for website design

PepFX is an excellent company that does outstanding work and is also excellent at communication. I will definitely use them again as they really understand what you want and will go out of their way to make it happen.
Barbara Gathany
Dan Sherman
Testimonial for e-commerce application

I can′t begin to describe to you how wonderful it was working with Ryan from PepFX. He was EXTREMELY timely, giving me updates on what he was doing sometimes every 20 to 30 minutes. It was very reassuring knowing that he was doing something when he was actually working on the project. He′d end his email with ′More to come...′ or something like that. I LOVE that. I never had to wonder whether he was going to be on time or not. I always knew exactly where he was on the project. On my particular project, the scope of it became much more than he had anticipated and I knew this.

However, he didn′t once complain about it or tell me he couldn′t do it... etc. He just bit the bullet in silence and never once let on that it was becoming a larger project than he originally bid on. Only when I broached the subject did he POLITELY say that indeed, it was a bit more work, but that he′d stand by his bid because it was his fault for not asking enough questions.
Now, THAT is a customer-centric company if I have ever seen one. PepFX′s bid was not the lowest, and I really debated on whether to go with them or not initially. But if you look at their portfolio, they do some of the most amazing work. So, I decided to go with them. I am SOOOO glad I did! Thanks, Ryan.
Dan Sherman, Great American Collectibles
Testimonial for logo design & website template

I was very impressed by the speed and professionalism of PepFX.
They did a great job, and weren′t happy until they were sure I was completely satisfied. Highly recommended.
Michael J. Evans, American Legal Alliance
David Hatch
Testimonial for Flash intro, logo design & website design
Website: www.HealthFirm.org
Other projects: Logo design

We looked around for a long time for a web designer for our new website and wanting certain information and style into it but not quite sure how to get it done. Local designers lacked the flare we needed so to the web we went searching for someone that could build our website and give us direction. With thousands of web designers to choose from, we were impressed with PepFx′s portfolio and decided to give them a try.

Lucky for us we did, as Sabina and her staff did a tremendous job in guiding us thru the process. Skills, common sense, flare, creativity, professional are all words in which we would describe PepFx. So, if you need a new website or your old one needs ′pepped′ up, don′t hesitate to give them a try.
David Hatch, President, HealthFirm Insurance
Testimonial for Flash intro
Project: Flash intro

PepFx did a wonderful job on my flash animation project. Sabina and her entire staff were an extreme pleasure to work with throughout the duration of this project. I would highly recommend PepFx to anyone looking for flash animation work. Thanks again for a wonderful job!
Jerry Ellis, Terrasi Marketing
Testimonial for Flash intro
Projects: Customized game, Flash intro

I found PepFX was an excellent and professional team. I only had a vague idea of what I wanted and asked them to make a start on my project without giving them a full rundown of what I was hoping to achieve. PepFX gave me updates on every step they took and asked me what direction I was hoping to go in from what they had done so far.
Anyway I′ve ended up with what I can only say is a fantastic intro and should I need anything else making, I won′t look anywhere else.
Graham Thornton, NetAddition
Testimonial for website templates
Templates for Coachbox

Great work! Especially liked the way they worked with me on changes. Would surely do business with them again.
Carl Weatherford, Coachbox
Testimonial for website design, Flash intro, e-commerce application
Website: PlasmaCar

Top 10 reasons to use PepFX:
#10 Great communication!
#9 Awesome work!
#8 Meet deadlines!
#7 Reasonable prices!
#6 Highly professional!
#5 They are experts in web development!
#4 Easy to do business with!
#3 They make me look good!
#2 You won′t find any better
#1 PepFX is COOL!!!
Timothy Kimber, CEO Plasmart, www.plasmacar.com
Hedy Laverdiere
Testimonial for Flash intro & website template
Template for Valley Lutheran Church

Valley Lutheran Church has been working with Sabina Nore of PepFX. She has been most expedient and creative. We are so pleased with the template that we have added to the project!
Hedy Laverdiere
Carol J. Helfer
Testimonial for Flash website & brochure design
Website: Canine Peak Performance
Other projects: Brochure design

This is the 4th project I've done with PepFx. They are unfailingly easy to work with, punctual (and more!) and very creative. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Carol J. Helfer, Canine Peak Performance
Testimonial for website design, logo design
Logo design: CafeLingoes

As we require a non-traditional website design, we have contacted 40+ design firms worldwide before we chose PepFx. Although most firms have the skills to do the job, few have the imagination to create unique design. Technical knowledge is important, but creativity is what we are really looking for. It turns out that we have made the correct decision. PepFx carefully analyze our entire project and deliver products with high quality. Beyond that, they work very professionally and respond to comments well. At times, they show us a few alternatives for us to choose from. Overall, it is a good experience to work with PepFx. I am looking forward to continuing our relation for the future development.
Haksun Li, CafeLingoes
Michael A. Omerou
Testimonial for Flash intro & custom graphics

Being a company focusing on web design, e-business and internet services ourselves, we were looking for true professionals to cooperate with for Macromedia Flash animations, graphics, etc. After a lot of disappointments from many other companies, we discovered PepFX which we used as a subcontractor in one of our projects.

Apart from the excellent results in their deliverables, their cooperative spirit and their unparalleled ability to deliver quickly without any compromises on results makes them the right choice. And the very best thing is that unlike others, they are professionals on business issues (agreements, payments, invoicing, etc.), as well.
Michael A. Omerou, Director and Chief Software Engineer, Simplex Software
Testimonial for Flash intro, Flash presentation & website template

Creativity and timely delivery was outstanding. I would recommend PepFX for anyone who wants Quality and needs a project ASAP.
William Smith
Joe Kraynik
Testimonial for Flash games

PepFX provided their expertise in Flash game development and helped us to customize a game that is a great deal of fun to play. The staff at PepFX was very quick to respond to our needs and a pleasure to work with. The fact that they were half way around the world was never an issue, in fact it seemed as if they were only half way around the block.

We highly recommend PepFX and look forward to working with them on future projects.
Joe Kraynik, Creative Director, ISL Consulting
Testimonial for Flash intro

Excellent job - I don't know what I appreciated most, the final product or Sabina′s professionalism. It took months for me to get this very small project to the point where they could start and Sabina had the highest amount of professionalim and patience all the way. Response was always immediate and development time was days faster than estimated. I am looking forward to working with PepFX long term as a strategic partner for producing flash projects.
Anthony Griffin
Testimonial for Flash intro & website design
Website: Stock Options Institute

Created a very nice web site and Flash intro for our client. Came up with a visually appealing yet unobtrusive and unique, to us, scroll bar. Completed the initial phases of the project for preview on very short notices in some instances. Was accomadating to a number of changes. 3 Cheers.
Kevin Henderson
Mike Braun
Testimonial for Flash presentation
Project: Flash presentation

In the process of selecting a service provider I communicated with several Flash designers. PepFX showed an demonstrable interest in getting my business that exceeded the competition. Once awarded the bid, they followed up their promises with prompt work and clear communications. They produced exactly what my specs called for and showed some insight that was highly creative in areas where my specs were vague.

They are honest, hard-working, and uniquely creative people. Give them a shot on your next project. I know I will use them again.
Mike Braun, Buffalo Audio
Testimonial for custom graphics & website design
Website: Resurrection Episcopal Church
Other project: Character design

There are 3 pieces to the puzzle when you do business this way. Your vendor has to be competent, has to be service-oriented and has to be trustworthy. PepFX technical ability is superb. They have done some exquisitely beautiful work and we′ve had ′oohs′ and ′ahs′ from people viewing what they produced for us on this project.
PepFX is highly customer-satisfaction oriented. Their customer relations attitude is outstanding. They do what they promise to do and they do it when they committed to do it. But the most important part is that PepFX is highly ethical. PepFX exhibits the utmost integrity in all business transactions. This is the way business should be done.
If you′re looking for a new site, a makeover or quality design work, at a reasonable price, you will never regret choosing PepFX. To the contrary, you will probably be, as we have been, absolutely thrilled with the work they do and the way they do it.
Robin Bridges, Reticulated Homecare Inc.
Mark Hritz
Testimonial for Flash intro, logo design & website design
Project: Flash intro

Absolutely fantastic is how I describe the PepFx team! Starting from scratch, they worked day and night to develop the perfect logo and flash introduction for my startup company. I am thoroughly pleased with all the work they did! A real first class, professional team!
Mark Hritz, WirelessBlue.com
Kamran Esmail Zadeh
Testimonial for Flash intro

I was very impressed with the service provided. We have a very picky crew and this group responded to each concern or question with thoroughness, promptness and accuracy. They encouraged us to continue making changes until we were 110% pleased (even when those changes had to do more with our indecision!) I think any E-lancer looking for service will be very pleased with this choice.

I personally look forward to working with them again. It has been a pleasure to work with PepFX as they really want to satisfy your needs. They will go a long way to make sure that every aspect of the project is complete and working beyond expectations. No doubt why PepFX has the best flash programming skills in the world. Always available for communication and quick to respond with best designing talent. Thank you very much.
Kamran Esmail Zadeh (Yale University)
Binny Hobbs
Testimonial for Flash animations

PepFX are brilliant. I am now regular client and very pleased with the results and effort they put in. Can highly recommend.

Binny Hobbs
Testimonial for 3d screensaver, Flash header & website design
Flash header: Solar system header

PepFX arbeitet schneller als ich eine Bewertung hinterlassen kann. :-) PepFX ist nicht nur multilingual, sie verstehen auch meinen chaotischen Charakter. Das Ergebnis entspannte mich und erfreute mich sehr. Danke.

Romana Schaile, Astro-Psycho-Logisch
Testimonial for Flash intro
Flash intro: RAMS Inc.

PepFX gets a ′THREE Thumbs Up′, ′Seven Stars′, and ′5 Cow Heads′ for the great work they have done for us. ;) We recommend them for all of your FLASH works. The service and quality is excellent and unbeatable. The project they worked on for us exceeded our imagination! We never thought it could look/work/feel so good. Thanks again. We will definitely be back.
Shaleen Shah, Seventhman
Testimonial for Flash intros
Flash intros: Delcor 1 & Delcor 2

PepFX did a great job; they followed my direction exactly, returned work quickly, made needed revisions and delivered on time. Work quality is excellent!
Tyler Smith
Testimonial for Flash intro

These people are the best at what they do. If you want a great service with speed and perfection, use these guys. They were more that patient with me (which can be hard at times) and they are very willing to please. I will do business with these great people again and again. Thanks PepFX. Great job, great price and great communications!!!
Kristan Proudman
Testimonial for Flash intro & Flash website design

PepFX did a fantastic job on my flash web site. They were always professional and curtious. I was blown away by the final product! They surpassed ALL of my expectations. I would not hesitate to use them again.
Michael Jones, Custom Music Productions
Testimonial for animated Greeting cards

PepFX did everything we asked them to do, plus some. They were very eager to start the project, and they had a product for review in less than three days. Once we notified them of the changes that needed to be made they rapidly completed the task. I highly recommend PepFX for quality work and quick turn around time.
Jamie C. Hood, GreetingU